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Meeting documents

Council Forum
Thursday, 5th October, 2017 6.00 pm

Meeting Summary
5 Oct 2017 - 18:00 to 21:00
Council Chamber, Blackburn Town Hall
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Part 1
1 Chief Executive to read the notice convening the meeting
2 Prayers by the Mayor’s Chaplain
3 Apologies for Absence
4 Minutes of the Council Forum Meeting held on 27th July 2017
5 Declarations of Interest

Form attached

6 Mayoral Communications
7 Council Forum
To consider questions from members of the public received under Procedure Rule 10
8 To consider motions submitted under Procedure Rule 12

One Notice of Motion has been submitted under Procedure Rule 12 as follows:


“Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council reflects the concerns of local residents on the subject of the very worrying events taking place in Myanmar.  The targeted killing, abuse, rape, displacement and atrocities are being described by independent Human Rights Organisations as ethnic cleansing and if unchecked then there is a real risk of genocide.


A humanitarian disaster is unfolding by the day.  The Myanmar Government has the power to stop this in its tracks.  So far Aung Sang Suu Kyi has remained silent.  To remain silent is to be complicit.  This Council and the community we represent will not remain silent.


We resolve to ask the Chief Executive to write to the Prime minister Theresa May, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, our local MP’s Kate Hollern and Jake Berry in seeking action from our government to urge the United Nations to call for an immediate and lasting stop to the violence and killing and to intensify pressure on the Myanmar government to allow both full humanitarian access and aid and a United Nations peacekeeping force, pending a peaceful political solution.” 


Proposed by: Cllr Shaukat Hussain

Seconded by: Cllr Dave Smith


9 Treasury Management Mid-Year Strategy Review for 2017/18 and Annual Report 2016/17
10 Independent Remuneration Panel and Members Allowances 2018/19
11 Audit and Governance Committee Annual Report
To endorse the Annual Report approved by the Audit and Governance Committee at its meeting on 13th June 2017.
12 Policy and Corporate Resources Committee
13 Reports of Executive Members with Portfolios
13.1 Leader
Pdf Leader (205Kb)
13.2 Children's Services
13.3 Environment
Pdf Environment (85Kb)
13.4 Leisure, Culture and Young People
13.5 Neighbourhoods and Prevention Services
13.6 Resources
Pdf Resources (143Kb)
13.7 Schools and Education
13.8 Health and Adult Social Care
13.9 Regeneration
Pdf Regeneration (91Kb)
14 To consider any questions received from Members under Procedure Rule 11
Part 2

Meeting Documents

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