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Meeting documents

Council Forum
Thursday, 22nd March, 2018 6.00 pm

Meeting Summary
22 Mar 2018 - 18:00 to 21:00
Council Chamber, Blackburn Town Hall
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Part 1
1 Chief Executive to read the notice convening the meeting
2 Prayers by the Mayor’s Chaplain
3 Apologies for Absence
4 Minutes of the Finance Council meeting held on 26th February 2018
5 Declarations of Interest
6 Mayoral Communications
7 Council Forum
To consider questions from members of the public received under Procedure Rule 12
8 To consider motions submitted under Procedure Rule 12
No Motions have been received
9 Governance - Council May 2018
10 Policy and Corporate Resources Committee
Report of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Policy and Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee
11 Reports of the Executive Members with Portfolios
11.1 Leader
Pdf Leader's (145Kb)
11.2 Leisure, Culture and Young People
11.3 Neighbourhood and Prevention Services
11.4 Resources
Pdf Resources (169Kb)
11.5 Schools and Education
11.6 Health and Adult Social Care
11,7 Regeneration
Pdf Regeneration (169Kb)
11.8 Children's Services
11.9 Environment
Pdf Environment (92Kb)
12 Draft Year Planner 2018/19
13 To consider any questions received from Members under Procedure Rule 11
There are no items to be considered under Part 2.
Part 2

Meeting Documents

There are no separate meeting documents but there may be meeting documents assigned to the Agenda.